Scott – “ – Resilience Brokerage Fund”

Run alone and you may run fast

Run together and you will run far

My name is Scott Williams, and together with my collaborator Stephen Passmore, we are here today to bring to life for you and invite you to join us on our inspiring journey ahead using our plan, Roadmap2030 [hold up copy of Roadmap2030] to guide us

Our mission is to provide the tools to optimise decision making for planning and investment in resilient city development, and accelerate the selection and financing of the best available clean technologies

Today we are offering investors and innovators the first opportunity to invest in our Resilience Brokerage Fund to help complete the development of the platform and to deploy it across the world

Passion and a burning desire to make change happen out there in the real world, that’s what brings us together here in Monaco, isn’t it?

Passion and a burning desire for change

9 years ago, almost to the day, after having successfully established a new Climate Change Services business in PwC Australia, my burning passion and desire to urgently stop and then reverse climate change almost killed me. Almost.

Passion and desire are undoubtedly important, but so is a good team and a good plan

Speaking of plans. On my 30th birthday I committed to a 70 year plan. My family and friends thought I had lost my mind – some still do

My plan was, is, to run 5 marathons a year for 20 years, to run my 100th marathon on my 50th birthday, and then to “ease down” to 3 marathons a year for the next 50

Next month in Paris I will run marathon #63, then #64 in Geneva the following month, after 13 years I’m roughly still on track

Run alone and you may run fast

Run together and we will run far


Scott – “Resilience Broker – Technologies + City Demand + Investment”

We..are Resilience Brokers

Using the platform we connect the right technologies with the demand in city-regions to unlock the required investment

Urbanisation and upgrading of existing cities is driving a $3 trillion a year global market for infrastructure and technology investment, but the scale of investment is not keeping pace with the need to adapt to and mitigate risk

Whilst it is known that costs could be reduced by up to 40% by taking a systems approach to planning city-regions, until now the world has not had the tools to understand our complex, urban environments, creating an uncertain investment horizon and an uncertain future

Following years of declining investment in clean technologies, the adoption of the Paris Agreement was a turning point. As Michael Sheeran from the G20 Green Finance Working Group said in London on Monday, “Paris has given us the ‘solve for X’ moment”

X being 2 C temperature rise. But how do we Solve for X?

We have spent the last 6 years developing a digital integrated planning platform to realise our vision as Resilience Brokers, to solve for X

So what is

Over to you Stephen…


Stephen – “” (Intro)

Thank you Scott, I’m on 2 mountain-marathons by the way!

I will now run you through, the technology, it’s development.

We are at first prototype release stage.

The first thing to say is, we are building the most sophisticated city-region modelling platform in the world.  

It is a software solution with profound functionality.

It is designed to encourage risk informed, investment and policy decision making, and to support infrastructure and technology design and procurement.

It does this, by using a shared data platform and integrated systems model.

We are building it in a way which means it will scale, organically, so with the right backing, it will be used in 70% of city-region markets globally and take innovators and investors with it. video

00:00 – 00:40 – Earth Systems, 00:13 Disaster risks, 00:23 Satellites and modelling by ICES, 00:32 data

00:40 – 01:10 – Cities, resources, metrics,  Model layers 00:54, policies,

01:10 – 01:40 – User interface (by Geodan)



The video introduces the global, city and user features of our integrated systems model

Risk informed investment must be cognisant of planetary boundaries, and Earth systems, including the risks of climate change and disasters.

We work with the International Centre for Earth Simulation in Switzerland to bring a comprehensive understanding of these risks into

Our platform combines the latest advances in satellite and sensor networks, processing power, complex systems modelling, as well as data analytics.  This approach allows us to down-scale planetary impacts to city-region systems.



Cities can be thought of as a system of systems.  All are interconnected, and rely on resources from global supply chains. Modelling city metrics on dashboards evidences city strategies and investments.

Our integrated systems model is built with these layers describing populations and policies, all resource systems, goods, services and markets, ecology and human health.  These layers are all connected to a geospatial environment.



Built for investors, businesses, urban planners, policy makers and others to improve decisions.

Teams, individuals, access the Interface, to test scenarios over the next 10-20 years.  They will input their projects and proposals into the model to test impacts and see results backed by insurance & investment grade metrics.  Users generate a science driven evidence-base to build support for the deployment of their solution. — City + Planet + People

From Global, to local, to people,

There are two significant innovations that give its integrated systems capability.

  1. An Agent Based model simulates the population of the entire city-region, their choices, consumption patterns and behaviours.  
  2. A growing library of input-output process models that describe all of the components and sub-components of a city-region system, such as energy, food, water and so on.   These processes are geo-located to build up an integrated systems network based on actual city function.

The significance of this won’t be lost on many of you here.

Your technological and social innovations can be modelled in

placed in city-region models around the world, and used to create evidence base for fast entry into new markets globally.

With, your product performance leads to city-region performance.


Proof of Concept and Design

We know we are building the most sophisticated city-region model in the world for a few good reasons.

Our product development started in 2009 with a major tour taking in over 38 countries exploring the solutions that foster a step change in economic, social and environmental performance.  Speaking with experts, business and government leaders led to the idea, and design, and now piloting of  Indeed Scott was at the Climate Bonds event in London, and I have just returned from Sichuan Province, China where our model is being piloted with support from the Chinese Academy of Science and the Sichuan government who are keen to attract the latest technologies and infrastructure innovations to the region.

Based on these design ideas we researched all the State of the Art city-region systems models and have published a review of the 17 most promising, this found they all have significant gaps which addresses.

Finally, we facilitated the coming together of experts at the Rockefeller Bellagio in Italy and produced Roadmap2030.  Written by the world for the world, it concludes that integrated systems modelling is absolutely critical in delivering the global goals.


Accra Prototype

As I already said, we are at first prototype stage.

We have built all of the detailed specifications for our product.  We then built a prototype to demonstrate functionality for a complete sector, Water and Sanitation for the 15 districts in Metropolitan Accra.  UK Govt DFID gave these efforts an A grade and fully support our scale up plans.


Prototype Results (1)

The first key achievement by a local team using the prototype led to a strategy to invest in fresh water supply and sanitation to meet 100% of population demands by 2025, using technological solutions, This strategy is with the Ghana Water Company and relevant ministries.


Prototype Results (2)

Further successes, are a plan with the Ministry of Finance to establish an Urban Development Investment Fund for GAMA, to bring forward a pipeline of projects for WASH and other sectors., anchored by The Green Climate Fund.

The National Development Planning Commission, reporting to the President, have a 40 year development plan and have invited us to scale to all 215 districts in Ghana.

Don’t just take my word for it, It is a pleasure to introduce Robert Ansah, Executive Director of Accra Metropolitan Assembly..


Video – Robert Ansah, Office of the Mayor, Accra Metropolitan Assembly

“The model, as i have come to learn about it, it’s one of the most vital tools that we’re going to use for the next millennium maybe, so the model, for me, it’s one of the best tools that we would ever come across, and I think it’s a great thing for the GAMA, it’s a great thing for Ghana, and i believe that it will be a great thing for Africa…

…with my background for finance I say, there’s a IPO, you are on the ground floor of this investment, an investment that is going to yield generation over generation


Technology Evaluation (1)

Now, how can Your technological and social innovations can be modelled in

Well, We collaborated with last years Cleantech summit winner, Desolenator,

We created an input/output model of the product and introduced it to the modelled water supply system for GAMA to look at feasibility and competitiveness.

The results suggest that if this decentralised, solar powered water treatment technology is compared with general potable water supply facilities, it has no advantage due to its small capacity.


Technology Evaluation (2)

However, this technology provides water that meets drinking quality standards, so it can substitute for sachet or bottled water sources where there is no pipeline connection. In this case the new technology shows both economic and environmental strength and could lead to 720 units for these areas in GAMA, and we have brokered an introduction with the Ghana Water Company.

Municiple solid waste to energy and anaerobic digestion….


Development programme

So this is our technical development story so far, and we are excited to discuss in more details with you throughout these 2 days.

I spoke about Ghana and briefly China and we also have development projects in the UK and interest in getting started in Mexico, Brazil, India, Mongolia, Singapore and Switzerland.

Our investment ask is so we can finish the complete integrated systems model by the end of 2019 with city-region demonstrators building capacity and investment programmes in parallel.

With the right support we can get the technology into the cloud and available so city-regions globally can access the model, including your technologies.

This is the moment, and we are ready to scale the output to meet the business opportunity of achieving the 2030 Global Goals.8


Stephen – “A team of global experts”

We have a committed, diverse, world class team of experts from all crucial disciplines, who are ready to deliver this.

To name a few in the time today:

Our Trustee, John Elkington, a world authority on corporate responsibility and sustainable development, John is credited with coining the term ‘triple bottom line’.

Our Earth Systems modelling partner Bob Bishop – is a world leader in computer simulation and visualisation best known for creating Silicon Graphics, and once helped NASA resolve problems with their Shuttle programme over a weekend.

Barbara Ryan – Director of the Group on Earth Observations, has worked with more than 100 nations and 100 scientific institutions to integrate Earth observation systems from around the world


Stephen – “Trusted partnerships to scale-up globally”

We also have trusted partnerships with key organisations across the world including

financial backers, UK Government DFID, and Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the European Space Agency, the Future Cities Catapult and CEMEX.

We have an extensive group of technical delivery partners from infrastructure, data, modelling, economics, science and visualisation expertise.

And we have MOUs with a wide range of organisations to support the global scale-up of the Resilience Brokerage Programme and the deployment of through to 2023 and beyond.

That’s the team, and the technology, Now over to Scott to finish on the resilience brokerage fund.


Scott – The Resilience Broker Fund”

Thank you Stephen

Today we invite you to join us

We invite investment, in 3 categories, into our new Resilience Brokerage Fund to be used to complete development and deployment into most countries of the world in line with the scale-up plan and timelines Stephen has just explained

The First category are the “Core Platform Builders”, commercial investors seeking to enable the global use of to drive investments into city-regions across the world

We invite a minimum of 4 “Core Platform Builders” to invest $5m each to develop the platform in 200 city-regions

Core Platform Builders will receive annual interest at LIBOR +200bp, and be perfectly positioned to stay ahead of investment opportunities with a privileged understanding of city-region scale-up across the world, as well as perpetual recognition and a unique Platform Builder seal for use in promotional and other communication channels

The Second Category are the “Clean Technology Investors”, technology innovators, developers and commercial investors interested in being plugged into to rapidly assess and evaluate their technologies in all city-regions and be able to present the information to governments, customers and investors to accelerate project activity and smart procurement

We invite clean technology investors to invest $2m each for a 4 year fixed term, to receive annual interest of LIBOR+200bp and to have 4 Apps for your technologies added to the platform in all city-regions in which it is operational on a non-compete basis

The Third Category are the “Geographic Investors”, investors, development agencies, businesses and governments interested in implementing in their city-region to bring forward pipelines of bankable, risk-informed projects to attract investment and better understand their urban development trajectories

We invite Geographic investors to contribute $0.50 per capita for set-up in the city-region of their choice, with minimum investment of $500’000 required regardless of population size

The Geographic investment is a grant to the Resilience Brokerage Programme team to cover the specific costs of setting up in their city-region and the annual interest payments to Core Platform Builders and Clean Technology Investors



With these 3 categories of investors, the Roadmap2030 scale-up plan and the world-leading platform we are confident that we can harness the best new clean technologies and address the most pressing needs for economic, ecological and human development in city-regions

Our budgeted programme expenditure of approximately $93m to complete the development of the program, and build collaboratories and implement the platform in 200 city-regions is based on estimates from each of our partner organisations as listed here and is subject to a Memorandum of Understanding with each of them

The Geographic Investors contribution of at least $100m (minimum of $500,000 each for 200 city-regions) together with the minimum expected $20m Core Platform Builder and $20m Clean Technology Investments will provide the required capital and revenue stream for us to confidently commit to the completion of the platform development, the global deployment and the annual payment of interest and the return of capital



So to recap, our aim is to build resilience, to broker a safer transitional pathway in city-regions all over the world

The deployment of our world-leading open-source integrated systems software platform will accelerate investment in clean technologies and provide a shared understanding of our impacts and opportunities, at all scales, globally and locally

Your mission is our success

If you succeed with your innovations and your investments in Clean Technology then we, the big we, all 7, 8, 9 billion of us can live in harmony with natural systems, we will be able to solve for X

Passion and a burning desire for change

Run alone and you may run fast

Run together and we will change the course of history

Join us

Thank you for your time