The Ecological Sequestration Trust


Is leading the development and deployment of the human, ecological, economics urban systems model to support low-carbon, resource-efficient and resilient developments. Through this work, The Trust have developed a keen understanding of the building blocks required for a viable, integrated approach to urban resilience including, urban systems analysis through the platform and the data requirements and brokerage thereof, to realise more efficient and transformational urban developments, collaboration to achieve meaningful outcomes, accessibility to the model and model outputs and investment methodologies to ensure tangible, transformational outcomes.

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Future Earth limited


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Future Earth develops and implements new, innovative projects and programmes for public and private sector with particular focus on climate change, integrated natural resource management, low carbon R&D and scale up, environmental protection, disaster risk management as well as arts, culture and social engagement. Experts in facilitation, they are leading leading the collaboration component of our integrated approach to urban resilience.

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Imperial College London


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Imperial College London contains a world leading team of integrated systems modellers. This team led the Urban Energy Systems Project, have designed the platform and are now working with The Trust to build and test the platform alongside the Institute for Integrated Economic Research. Within this project they will develop the algorithm connections between space data and city region resource economic data and advise on the requirements of integrated systems modelling on the brokerage portal.

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Institute for Integrated Economic Research (IIER)



Are leading the research of resource flow and socio-economic relationships in city regions, to ensure we develop a robust model which confidently represents how a city region functions and how changes will affect its functioning over the long term. The Institute for Integrated Economic Research is a non-profit research organization focused on developing an unbiased view of global economic processes, they seek to re-focus economic research away from individual subsystems, towards a broader understanding of the larger forces driving overall progress or retreat.

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Cities Alliance



The Cities Alliance is a global partnership for urban poverty reduction and the promotion of the role of cities in sustainable development. Cities Alliance are the project managers for the Future Cities Africa Programme in Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda and Mozambique.

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The Department for International Development (DFID) leads the UK’s work to end extreme poverty. DFID are the sponsors of the Future Cities Africa programme which is funding the first prototype development of focussed on Water and Sanitation in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area in Ghana.

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The International Centre for Earth Simulation (ICES)


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The International Centre for Earth Simulation are developing an earth systems modelling platform and are experts at advanced computing, data and systems modelling.

It is important to enable the set of models developed to communicate with many other existing or future models in a ‘plug and play’ fashion. We are engaging ICES to integrate their work, ensuring larger scale global impacts are taken into account as well as to integrate satellite and local sensor data.

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Geodan is a leading geo-ICT company specialising in spatial information and applying new, innovative technologies. We have are collaborating with Geodan to build cutting edge data brokerage, visualisation and graphics capabilities. Geodan have supported the EC JRC Inspire and GEOSS programs and bring all that knowledge with them.

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The Trust are partnering with OASIS to integrate this framework with the insurance sector investor requirements. The partnership outcome for this project should inform city region modelling relationships that are relevant to catastrophic risk and investment decision-making.

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