Mitigation and Adaptation

The Ecological Sequestration Trust is partnered with Future Earth Ltd., Cities Alliance, DFID, 100 Resilient Cities, UCLG, UNSDSN and  C40 to provide new open-source tools to reduce greenhouse gas emissions , adapt to climate change and protect the environment. We are working on demonstrating this approach in Accra, Ghana, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and Suzhou China and after these we plan to scale up across the World from 2019.

Here are events at COP21 which our partners are running.

You can read about the developing platform here and the work with our Partner Future Earth Ltd. in regional demonstrators in Accra and Mongolia

Risk and Resilience

The Ecological Sequestration Trust is partnered with UNISDR, ICES, OASIS, ICL, IIER and PWC on building the open source tool to enable risk sensitive public and private sector investments and adaptations to climate change to proceed around the World. The aim is to support building resilience through risk sensitive planning and implementation of Sendai  Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. Also to support enhanced international cooperation and complementarity of efforts to support countries to increase understanding of comprehensive risk management approaches.

Here are the events and links for COP21 from our partners:


The Ecological Sequestration Trust with ICL and IIER, are building an open-source platform which can be used to support the establishment of an Urban Development Investment Fund which can enable infrastructure and community projects to proceed and accelerate in city regions around the world to limit greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to climate change, protect the environment and improve water, food and energy resilience.

The Trust is working with Green Climate Fund, UNEP, UNDP, UNSDSN, World Bank, IFC, AfDB, EIB, ADB, DB and  KFW  to develop this approach and demonstrate it in Accra, UlaanBaatar and other cities.

This report describes the approach that the partnership has developed so far:

These are the places our partners can be found at COP21

Technology Transfer

The Ecological Sequestration Trust with ICL and IIER, are building an open-source systems platform for city regions which includes technology process blocks for infrastructure, buildings and industrial plants and models community consumption patterns. This will enable city regions to understand the benefits of new technologies on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving human well-being through adaptation to climate change,  improving resource security and limiting environmental damage. Also it will enable technology providers to create the business models for successful transfer to new city regions through public-private partnerships and enable access to capital.

The Trust are working with the following leading UK technology innovation centers in UK to help them achieve global success through their groundbreaking research efforts for energy positive buildings and sustainable cities:

SPECIFIC Buildings as Power Stations Swansea

Centre for Process Innovation

Imperial College London –

Institute for Integrated Economic Research –

Capacity Building

The Ecological Sequestration Trust and Future Earth Ltd., are working together to help create a scalable model of capacity building in city regions and human settlements to enable them to tackle climate change mitigation and adaptation and to deliver the challenging targets for Urban Goal 11 for inclusive, resilient, sustainable cities. The Trust are working with partners UNSDSN Urban Campaign Group, UCLG, UN Habitat, IIHS and the global finance community on the creation of a global fund which can support the critical education and research required , alongside project delivery, to enable the 2030 targets to be achieved. The project delivery platform may be a key part of this roadmap to 2030.Here are links to research and practice of partners on global capacity building .

A meeting will be held at the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Centre in March 2016 for all the partners to create this roadmap to take to Habitat 3.


The Ecological Sequestration Trust with ICL and IIER are creating an open-source systems platform that enables any city region to bring together data on human and ecological system resource flows and the economics of human well-being. The data can be used for collaborative decision making by communities, private and public sectors working together. The key to success of this approach is to mobilise open data and community sourced data using a data brokering framework. The building of the platform by a city region needs to be trusted and supported by independently verified data, bringing greater transparency and evidence based decision making.

The Trust is developing this approach with expert Partners Future Earth Ltd., EU-JRC, Geodan and Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data as part of the UN Data Revolution launched in Addis Ababa.Their links are shown below.