We were overwhelmed by the response we got to our resilience.io app on our recent visit to debut it in Accra (GAMA), Ghana. Thank you so much for all your kind words, encouragement and support.

GAMA, Accra, Ghana, June 2016

Robert Ansah, Office of the Mayor, Accra Metropolitan Assembly

WASH Prototype Debut Event – Introduction

This also led to the development of the resilience.io model, we are fortunate to have such a model with us, we are fortunate to have such a group with us, the data that is collected needs to be used, first you need to know what type of the data to collect, then, when you’ve collected it, you need to know how to use it, then, when you use it, you need to evaluate what you’re using it for, then you need to plan again for the next usage, this is what the resilience.io model is going to help us achieve.

As a financial planner by profession I know that planning takes 70 – 90 percent of the work done, if you fail to plan, that means you plan to fail. Now how do you plan? the planning that goes on in our side of Africa or our side of the world looks a bit sporadic and reactionary, now this  resilience.io model is going to help us collect the right data, help us to plan and help us to assess whilst we’re doing the projects and then evaluate and plan for the next. Therefore governments can plan ahead and also bring in capital from the public to meet the infrastructure gap, how so? when an investor comes into a situation to invest they want to remove a lot of the risk, now how do you quantify the risk? how do  you identify the risk? how do you quantify and how you mitigate it? you need a planning tool and this is how we’re going to get there, we move a step further to municipal funding.

Coming from the background of the municipality I know there’s a huge gap between what governments can, how much governments can fund municipalities and what people expect from municipalities. There’s also a big chunk of money that could be moved towards that side, unfortunately municipal bonds can not be set up here because we don’t have the right data. These are all going to be worked on through resilience.io, so if i say i’m excited today that we are at a meeting, then this is the basis of my excitement, because finally we should be able to come back. Goddess we should be able to build our markets, we should be able to encourage small to medium scale enterprises within their cities, we should be able to know how many children are in our schools, we should be able to know how we are going to provide what we have to provide for the next 10 years to support education and all such information.

Honourable minister, ladies and gentlemen, the risk of flooding and the prevention of flooding with a good model can be calculated planned for and drastically reduced. From a lay person’s perspective this model is just deep down a computerised data and information management system that supports planning and investment decisions for sustainable development, however what is sustainable development?  how resilient are we? the floods will come, the disasters will come, the rains will come, how resilient, how much are we planning, this is what we are working on and that is why I’m excited. I know for a fact that Catherine and her group or Miss Allinson and her group are working very hard and i know for a fact that our local government ministry and our MMDA’s  are working in conjunction with them and we all look forward to a successful implementation of the resilience.io model in Accra Ghana…


WASH Prototype Debut Workshop AMA – Introduction

I understand that data drives the world now, and being an open source data system it’s going to also help us capture a lot about, and forecast things that happen, evaluate things we have done, because we’ll know what to do, and when we have done what we have to do, we can evaluate whether it’s giving us the results we need and hence improve upon it and this is going to be our way of life, it has to be, we don’t have options, so I believe that everyone sitting here is charting a very interesting path, ideas to something that’s going to come to stay, and with my background for finance I say, there’s a IPO, you are on the ground floor of this investment, an investment that is going to yield generation over generation, what you are you doing is really appreciated, and its not just for us today, this you are doing is for posterity and posterity is going to say thank you one day.

Resiliency is to be our way of life and there is, and the resilience.io has come to stay, as we develop it we grow with it, so do we improve our lives…


WASH Prototype Debut Event – Piece to camera

The  resilience.io model, as i have come to learn about it, it’s one of the most vital tools that we’re going to use for the next millennium maybe, so the resilience.io model, for me, it’s one of the best tools that we would ever come across, and I think it’s a great thing for the GAMA, it’s a great thing for Ghana, and i believe that it will be a great thing for Africa.

The resilience.io model helps to gather the right data for people to do the right analysis for people to participate, knowing what the risk is, and quantifying the risk, and knowing that it can be mitigated, and it can be projected, and it can be evaluated… Within the water and sanitation model, these are some of the things that affect ACCRA today, we’re just coming out of the anniversary of a major flood incident, and these are tools that if we had had them before, will it have helped to alleviate some of these issues, it would give us the tools to plan, and when we plan, it will help us execute, I believe that all of us would embrace it, i’m glad that TEMA and AMA are part of the two, were initially starting this, and I’m praying and hoping that eventually it will spread all over Ghana, all the assemblies will get to use this valuable tool, and then move on beyond Ghana to West Africa and Africa, the IO has come to stay…


Hon. Emmanuel Agyekum, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development

WASH Prototype Debut Event – Introduction

The need to make maximum use of the available resources and distribute the resources fairly for the benefit of our people, for me, this is the essence of resilience.io model, for the city planning, investment and implementation of the relevant policies I’m happy to know that the model was developed through that collaboration among of my ministry, that is the ministry of local government and rural development. I’m quite excited to learn that the resilience.io model, the first of its kind in the world, will be useful in our planning process for water, sanitation, transportation and electricity and will be useful for the development of future cities in Ghana and elsewhere.

Quite obviously it means that this model will change the face of our approach to planning, investment, implementation in our country. I have been informed that, based on the resilience.io model, The Ecological Sequestration Trust in collaboration with the government of Ghana and international agencies will established about one hundred and fifty million dollar urban development investment facility through the global green climate fund to commence projects in the GAMA and other parts of the country.

Accordingly I wish to urge the urban development units of the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to ensure the success of this novel planning process and investment model as a vehicle to achieving key targets regarding development and improving human settlements as stipulated by the the Ghana National Urban Policy and Action Plan.

It will be recalled that his Excellency John Dramani Mahama the President of the Republic of Ghana was nominated as the champion of the African Urban Agenda in recognition of Ghana’s efforts in dealing with the challenges of urban development especially in ensuring access to improved water sanitation and building a resilient city or cities for sustainable development. Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, let me at this juncture commend the Department of International development that is DFID, the country director I understand is not around, Cities Alliance and The Ecological Sequestration Trust team, among other collaborators, who have been in the forefront in the development of this resilience.io model…


I want to see the results – whatever we have come to do here I want to see the outcome.  I don’t want it to be like we have come to look at such a brilliant model without seeing whatever is coming out of this model I think we want to see it.  So I want to be part of the next evaluation…